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Travel Updates:
Rest Day (07/07/2013)
Made it to Santiago!! (20/07/2013)
Back on the road… (31/08/2013)
Couchsurfing is intense! I need a holiday!! (13/10/2013)
One step at a time… (01/11/2013)
It’s 2014 already?! (11/01/2014)
Hello silence my old friend… (03/02/2014)
Mediterranean Isles (22/02/2014)
Just in time for Easter (16/04/2014)
Twelve… Months… (14/06/2014)
A Lesson in Peace and Patience (20/06/2014)
Peace and Patience Update (23/07/2014)
Venturing North!! (08/08/2014)
Coming Out (31/08/2014)
The Final Chapter (02/10/2014)
The Journey Begins… (07/11/2014)
A Brand New Life (14/01/2015)
The most intense 72 hrs of my life!! And then things got interesting… (18/03/2015)
Fear and Excitement in Equal Measure (02/06/2015)
Solid Footing (30/09/2015)
514 days… (05/04/2016)
Another Year Over (28/12/2016)
Riding the Wave (19/10/2017)

Benedictine Monastery Reflections:
Reflection Day 1: Raking Leaves
Reflection Day 2: More On Value
Reflection Day 3: Judgement
Reflection Day 4: Habits
Reflection Day 5: Time

Health of the Body
Introduction to Temptation
Seeking Temptation
Camino Lesson: One Step at a Time
Are Rules Made To Be Broken?
What Aspergers Means To Me
The Problem with Gay Marriage
Education these days… an evolution of ideas
Ending the War on Marriage: A Considered Opinion

Mini Thoughts: (raw musings…)
Rules vs Love
Lessons on temptation from a Latvian wasp
Thoughts on Overthinking
And God saw that it was good… but he was wrong…
An Image of Myself
Mindfulness is the first step toward Emotional Intelligence
Dealing with Difference
When Life Is Too Hard
The Definition of Marriage is Everyone’s Business
The Problem of the Puppy Dog
Learning How To Love

Sun and Earth vs God and Universe
Church vs Gym (a modern alalogy)
Systems Theory and The Gospel

Too Strong
The Well of Silence
The Aftermath


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